Don’t Diss The Jingle Bells

For Teresa. Merry Christmas!!

Pairing: Jogan
Rating: PG-13/R
Prompt: Julian’s an elf for some reason. Yeah.

How Logan ended up here, he could only guess. Mostly it was the lure of sales and knowing that Julian was making a special ‘guest appearance’ as Santa’s Celebrity Friend at the mall near Dalton.

Being the kind, loving, and supporting boyfriend he was, Lo decided to show up that afternoon and offer the most likely humiliated brunet a bit of a confidence boost-and maybe some making out on his lunch break. Of course, the sight that met his emerald eyes was definitely entertaining.

There was Julian, in the small, fake-snow-covered courtyard in the center of the mall. A line of kids circled the small entrance, with a large throne in the middle for the wanna-be Santa. Jules was standing guard at the entrance, issuing little kids to and from the over-stuffed employee-and to Logan’s complete and utter amusement, Julian’s ass was clad in dark green tights, red and green shorts, and a green-with-red-trim t-shirt that tucked into the shorts. Each step the actor took made the silver jingle bells on the tips of his pointed, light green shoes ring; and every turn of his head had the same effect on the bell on the tip of his red hat. Oddly enough, the color complimented the other’s dark hair. As Logan headed over, the actor froze mid-autograph and shook his head at the blonde.

"Don’t you dare say a word." He threatened, though the way the bell jingled when he shook his head really didn’t help the laughter bubbling up in the Warbler’s throat. It burst out of Logan with a small chuckle, but he couldn’t help laughing unashamedly at his boyfriend.

The other huffed and stomped his foot, only to fuel Logan’s laughter with the jingle of his shoes. He led another kid over to Santa before moving back to Logan, eyes narrowed. 

"Shut up right now." He muttered darkly. His cheeks tinted pink, and Logan took a deep breath, the laughter finally dying down. The blonde sighed, still smiling as he looked Julian over again.

"Okay, okay, sorry. It’s just…. How did they get you into that without sedating you?" He teased, which only made his boyfriend cross his arms over his chest. Always the diva.

"Because it’s for a good cause, and you weren’t supposed to be here. Besides, I dress up like this for the kids now, you get to tear it off later. Everyone wins.” He muttered with a glare. In a flash, the bright smile was back on his face as he had to help another little girl over to Santa, the mother swooning over him. He signed an autograph, took a picture while trying not to grimace at how this would be all over the internet within hours, and made his way back to Logan. Each step was met with the jingle of sleigh bells, and Lo couldn’t keep from cracking up.

"I hate you." The elf spat at him, only to receive a heartfelt ‘aww’ from the other. Logan ran his fingers through his hair before sighing.

"Look, I know I shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t deny it’s funny." He tried, only to get a pout in return. Lo leaned in, a hand slipping around Julian’s waist over the candy-cane fence separating them. "And just so you know, your ass looks fantastic in those tights-I definitely plan on shredding that outfit the minute we’re back at Dalton." 

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