Make Your Choice (Chap. 3)

Pairing: Jogan, The Stuart Trio
Rating: NC-17 (gore/violence)

Julian pulled the door open with a grunt, the rusted metal sliding and revealing nothing of the next room. The actor glanced at Derek, who was by his side, before stepping forward.

“Logan?” He called out into the darkness, and he felt his foot snag something. The door behind them slammed shut, plunging them into pitch black. Jules couldn’t even see his hand in front of his face, it was so dark. Swallowing nervously, he felt something bump his side-he nearly cried out before realizing it was Derek, with how his hand was trembling as he felt his way down his arm and gripped his forearm.

The only sounds in the room was their shallow breathing, and the echoing patter of something dripping to the floor. It smelled damp, slighlty metallic and overall disgusting. Jules wrinkled his nose at it before shifting closer to Derek and putting his hand over the other’s.

A low groan grumbled through the room and made them both jump, sending chills down their spines.

“Lo?” Julian called again before biting his lip. Logan had to be here…

A loud snap echoed off the walls as the lights came on and hummed to life. Roughly five feet in front of Julian was a pit. A metal ladder ran down the side of it, drilled into the wall, but a grate was over the top of it. It had to be atleast 15 feet deep, and shackled to the wall opposite the ladder-and opposite the door-was Logan Wright. The dripping was coming from a pipe sticking out the side of the pit, some kind of black substance oozing out of it slowly, like a leak.

“Logan!” Jules screamed, dropping to his knees and digging his fingers through the grate. He tried desperately to pull it up, but it only jostled slightly. Looking around, his brown eyes fell on the padlock keeping it chained down.

At the sound of his name, the blonde lifted his head slowly, blinking up at the bright light. He had been in the dark for so long, and his head was spinning.

“Jules?” He mumbled weakly. The actor’s heart shattered as he clawed and wrenching on the gate. He had to get to him…

“Lo! I’m here! God, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…. I-I’m going to get you out of there. You’re going to be fine, I promise!” He whimpered down to him, looking back at Derek with frantic eyes. How would they get him out of there? There was atleast a 15-foot diameter to the pit, and at 15 feet deep, it was massive, and the grate overtop of it covered any opening. Derek moved to Julian’s side and called down to Logan.

“Hey Lo! How you holdin’ up?” He had to ask, mostly just to keep the blonde conscious. He wasn’t looking very good, especially in this bright light.

“That you, D? B-Been better…” He called back, his voice not even close to strong. Julian whined and fingered the padlock, taking another look around and finding five altogether around the rim of the grate. Fuck.

“We need keys…” He muttered and he wasn’t even sure who he was talking to anymore. He stood, having fallen to his knees upon seeing Logan, and saw another door, a different door, on the wall to his left. Curious yet cautious, he stepped towards it. Derek stayed kneeling at the edge of the pit to keep an eye on Logan. From what he could tell, he had a black eye and some serious bruising-he was shirtless, in just his uniform pants like the rest of them.

Julian was exploring carefully as he looked around the room. There was a speaker system in the ceiling, and what looked like a ventilation system as well, along with pipes running along walls and disappearing into the floor. A table was across the room, and the actor moved closer to the door before the pipes caught his eye again. He followed them with his eyes, and moved back to look over the pit. He had to tear his eyes from Logan to bring himself to see the other holes in the walls of the pit. The ends of the pipes. What the hell?

Logan shuddered visibly and Julian whimpered, dropping to his knees again. How were they supposed to get him out of there?

“Logan…” He whined, and Derek put a hand on his shoulder. His hand slipped to rub his back-he knew how much Julian loved the blonde, and to see him like this must be killing him. Bright green eyes looked up at him, and Jules forced a smile.

“We’ll get you out of there. Just…” Derek assured him before standing, looking around as Jules stayed with Logan. Across the room, he found a tape player with ‘play me’ written on a piece of tape stuck across it. Hesitantly, he picked it up, hitting the play button and glancing back at his two friends.

“Hello Julian. As I’m sure you’ve seen, locked below you is your dear friend, Logan Wright. You’ve told me all about him. I’ve seen how you two interact. He is the prince in your little fairytale, but will you live happily ever after? I’d like to find out. Will you fight the dragon to save him, locked away in the dungeon, or will the love of your life die by your own hand? Can you be his knight in shining armor?”

Julian winced, his eyes still trained on Logan as the tape played. The blonde had blinked, the gears turning despite his clouded mind.

“You have three minutes to stop the flow of chemicals into the pit before they destroy Logan completely. Begin.”

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